There is nothing that compares to the crispness of fresh mountain air.

The Velebit mountain range is the longest, if not the highest, in Croatia. It spans 145 km and reaches its peak at Vaganjski vrh at 1,757m in terms of altitude. This makes it the fourth highest after Dinara (1831m), Kamešnica (1809m) and Biokovo (1762m).

Posedarje is a stone’s throw away, located just 20 minutes driving distance from NP Paklenica.

For those lacking in hiking experience, the perfect starting spot is the canyon of Velika Paklenica. After the initial 1.5 hour walk, you will arrive at the first mountain house. There you can use the bathroom facilities and buy refreshing drinks. Just 1.5 hours of more walking and you will have arrived at the mountain lodge Paklenica, where you can spend the night.

The mountain lodge is opened to all visitors every day during the months from June through September. Outside that period, it is only available on weekends.

This is in stark contrast to the canyon of Mala Paklenica, as with other surrounding trails. These require quite a lot more experience or even a knowledgeable guide.

For more information, you can always contact NP Paklenica in Starigrad or even the station of the Mountaineering Association Paklenica in Zadar.

Caution: know that it is of the highest importance never to head to the mountains alone.

Nature cannot and will not be conquered. Whilst it allows us to enjoy in its beauty and sights, it also demands respect at all times.

In any case, a hiking trip through these magnificent trails is more than rewarding, not only physically but mentally.