Church of the Holy Spirit

This single-nave 12th Century church is ideally located on an isolated tiny island in front of Posedarje. Renovated in 1974, just the site of it hovering above the turquoise water is a peaceful escape for both your body and spirit. 

Legend has it that back in the day, extreme weather conditions caused by strong “bura” winds created chaos amongst fishermen who were quickly thrown about at sea. They washed up at this exact beach, to everyone’s disbelief, safe and sound. 

Thankful for surviving the violent storm, the fishermen built the Church of the Holy Spirit, where it still stands today.

Above the entrance of the church door, a bell tower is incorporated in the façade for a bell kept within the church. The bell doesn’t contain any inscriptions or embellishments, and it is only used on Whit Monday, also known as Pentecost Monday. 

This is when Posedarje celebrates the day of its municipality. 

It is traditionally marked by a procession of boats to the small island, where a holy mass is held within the early Romanesque church. This event is a true vision to behold and has an increasing number of visitors from surrounding areas with each year.