Happiness is closer than you think – and it’s located in Vinjerac. 

For some of you, it will be a first-time visit, while others have become regulars. Either way, your stay here will make for a truly memorable Croatian holiday experience.

No matter whether your visit is for relaxation or to explore the countless hidden treasures found there, your wish will be fulfilled. 

From rugged mountains, sun-drenched beaches, pristine sea, to charming Mediterranean streets and stunning countryside, you will never be disappointed about the diversity of the landscape here.

Vinjerac was settled back in prehistoric times, with the ruins of the Liburnian site found on the Oraška (Lergova) hill front and burial mounds and caves being a testament to that. There are still remnants of ancient settlements to be found here, including foundations of walls, buildings and acropolis. 

Its incomparable historical heritage has moulded Vinjerac into the destination it is today. 

Experience the essence and heartbeat of this picturesque paradise and get ready to be swept off your feet.